What we do?

Tes is internationally working graphic design studio operating within the fields of branding & editorial design. We design identity systems, from logos to websites and printed goods.


Tes Studio is formed by Magdalena Lauk, a minimalist who is passionate about subtraction.


0048 508 306 867


Currently we're not offering internships.

Upcoming Events & Exhibitions:

22.07.2016 — Sofia / Poster exhibition
24.06.2016 — Asap / 6. dzielnica
25.10.2013 — Tell me your Story / TES letters solo exhibition 


Step 1.
Look, Listen & Learn

We begin with getting to know you and your aesthetic preferences & strategic needs.

Step 2.

We need a moment to think things over. 

Step 3.
Discuss & Advice

We want to make sure the work is intentional and surves a purpose, and that you are happy with the final result.

Step 4.
Give You Solutions

When the design gives the right message, and gives you joy —
the work is done.