Hi. I'm Magdalena, a person who started Tes Studio a few years ago. Tes is based on a strong belief that design is a powerful tool of both transformation and making our environment more easy and beautiful. My work is based on observation and experiment, with special love for typography and meaningful simplicity.

I am currently based by polish seaside. I am a vagabond that works internationally though, so feel free to contact me wherever you're from. Lately I started teaching and that sure is fun.

I love food.

WSB Gdańsk / Communication Design
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk / Calligraphy Workshops
Świetlica Collective Space / Calligraphy Workshop
Sztuka Wyboru / Calligraphy Workshop
Pokój Art Design Store / Calligraphy Workshop
Night of Museums Gdańsk / Calligraphy Workshop
Bakalie Wolności / Calligraphy Workshop

Asap Festiwal  / 6. Dzielnica

Artist of the Year 2018 / Museum of the City of Łódź
Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland / Best Art Diploma 2008
Strzemiński Academy of Art Rectos's award / Project 2008
Giganty Mocy Design Competition / 1st Prize 

Selected Clients:
Public Instistutions:
Museum of the City of Łódź
Institute of National Remembrance in Poland
City Hall of Łódź
City Hall of Bełchatów
Wrocław Eurpean Capital od Culture 2016
Strzemiński Academy od Fine Art
Academy of Fine Art in Gdańsk
University of Łódź
Łódź Art Center
Łódź Film School

Spawn / Stockholm
Bling SH / Gdańsk
Uniforma / Poznań
Ortografika / Łódź
Snask / Stockholm (internship)
PSV / Łódź

Friendship / Galerija Makina, Chroatia
Friendship / Galerija Pet Kula, Chroatia
Type + Text / International Typographic Posters / Museum of the City of Łódź
Komunikat LDZ. / Poster Museum in Wilanów
P-EX Interactive / Gdynia Design Days
Festival of Transitory Art / Uniejów
Apriti il Libro / International Artist's Book Exhibition / Urbino
Smog Weekend Festiwal / Eco Posters Exhibition / Owoce i Warzywa
Type + Text / International Typographic Posters Exhibition / Poland & China
Asap Festiwal / Solo Exhibition / 6. Dzielnica
Think Global, Act Local Mural / Lokal 
Typo Dialogue / Polish Institute in Sofia
Tell Me Your Story / Solo Exhibition / Lokal 
Kody Dialogu  / Ośrodek Propagandy Sztuki
Poster Exhibition / Łódź Design Festival